Flame Free Stream Overlay Template – Various Colors

free stream overlay template


The motive of this overlay is fire, and the use of red-orange color emphasizes it well. In addition, everyone can change the colors as they want! Just a few clicks to do it. After editing and saving individual elements of the overlay as a png file, all you need to do is import the images into OBS and enjoy the new overlay 🙂 You can edit materials in Adobe Photoshop or the free Photopea tool.

Free download:

It doesn’t cost you anything, and it can help me grow so I can create better and better overlays for you! Thanks a lot!

You can avoid appearing ads by buying the project here for a symbolic, small amount:

The package contains:
– Offline screen, ending screen, starting screen (.PSD)
– Intermission screen (.PSD)
– Facecam border (.PSD)
– Social panels (.PSD)
– DOCUMENT that explains how to edit colors and how to save projects (.DOC)
– List of fonts used in this project


Behance presentation: https://www.behance.net/gallery/98350039/FLAME-STREAM-OVERLAY-TEMPLATE-VARIOUS-COLORS

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