free stream overlay template

I would like to present you another free stream overlay template for streamers. The whole concept of this design is based on geometric symbols and gradient shapes. The whole thing has been designed in bright and clean colors that will perfectly match the live streams on which you play a funny, not aggresive games, e.g. Fall Guys or Just Chatting. Overlay files are in .PSD format, which can be edited in Adobe Photoshop or the free Photopea tool. Watch the tutorial how to edit and import that overlay to the OBS or StreamLabs HERE.

The package contains:
– Offline screen, ending screen, starting screen (.PSD)
– Intermission screen (.PSD)
– Facecam border (.PSD)
– Social panels (.PSD)
– DOCUMENT that explains how to edit and import overlay to the OBSĀ  or StreamLabs (link to my tutorial and text tutorial)
– List of fonts used in this project


It doesn’t cost you anything, and it can help me grow so I can create better and better overlays for you! Thanks a lot!

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