Free Halloween Stream Overlay Template 2022 PSD

free halloween stream overlay template download psd

Halloween – for some, an opportunity to have fun, organize a party for friends and come up with a masquerade costume in a dark atmosphere. However, in this post I would like to introduce you to Halloween Stream Overlay Template 2022!

This stream overlay template is designed especially for the occasion of Halloween. You can use it in your broadcasts on, YouTube and more! Each of my designs is created in Adobe Photoshop, and there you can edit and set it up to your liking. You can do the same in a free online program called “Photopea”. All files are in .PSD format.

Halloween Stream Overlay Template – what does the package contain?

In the package you will find such files as:

  • Facecam overlay template (.PSD),
  • Offline screen template (easy to create ending screen, starting screen, etc.) (1 .PSD),
  • Intermission screen template (.PSD),
  • DOCUMENT that explains how to edit and import overlay to the OBS or StreamLabs, (link to my video tutorial and text tutorial),
  • List of fonts,
  • Tutorial ‘How to edit colors’ and set your own color.


How to edit Halloween Stream Overlay Template?

Take a look an the tutorial below and presentation:

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