Free CoD WARZONE Stream Overlay Template


This free overlay is designed in dark green colors and it is MULTICOLOR! It works well during game transmission or intermission scene during a break in streaming. All you have to do is unlock the content at the bottom confirming your subscription to my channel. It’s probably not much, right? 🙂

Download here:

Click Follow button below -> Authorize app -> Login to your account -> Follow me -> Close the window -> Back to my page (refresh if you want) -> Download files from the unlocked links 🙂

The package contains:
– Offline screen, ending screen, starting screen (.PSD)
– Intermission screen (.PSD)
– Facecam border (.PSD)
– Social bar (.PSD)
– DOCUMENT that explains how to edit colors and how to save projects (.DOC)
– List of fonts used in this project


Behance presentation:

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